Many people are interested in visiting casinos where different gambling games are offered. Gambling analysts believe that there are people who view gambling as way of having fun and releasing the stress they experience in the workplace and their homes. In some countries, gambling was legalized because political officials see this as another way of increasing public finance.

There are various games played in casinos and roulette is one of them. Roulette is considered one of the most popular games played in casinos and other gambling establishments. Because of its increasing prominence, a television network decided to develop an interactive gaming show wherein roulette players can participate. The television game entitled as the Live Roulette TV was formally launched by the television network in June 2005.

To promote and increase the interest of roulette players in participating in the game, the television network has employed several celebrities who served as dealers in roulette. Since the development of the game show, it has attracted a great number of audiences. Hence, on August 14, 2006, the television program introduced a Web site to allow computer users to have access and watch the television online through the use of the Internet.

Due to the increasing number of people participating in the Live Roulette TV, its producer provided membership options to enhance the experience of its audience. The three membership options are the Premium Player Account, the Gold VIP Player Account and the Free Player Account.

The Premium Player Account is the first membership option. This account encourages a roulette player to gamble or place bets the way people place bets in casinos. The members of the Premium Player Account have the privilege to participate in the game show with the use of the television show’s Web site. On the other hand, the Gold VIP Player Account caters participants who are considered as the loyal premium members of the television show because it offers other privileges like a free trip to the beautiful casinos in Las Vegas in Nevada. Above all, the Free Player Account is the best membership opportunity. The account allows every person who is interested to participate in the game show because it offers free chips that can be used when participating in the Live Roulette TV.

The decision of the television network to launch the game show gained the attention of roulette players. The launch of the game show has improved the accessibility of playing roulette to interested people. It also encourages players to interact with other viewers of the Live Roulette TV which made it popular to television audiences.

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